A 6-Week Series In Which You Are Invited To Traverse The Innerspace Of Your Body

An Immersion Of Nourishing Intention, Movement, Thought, And Healing Light To Liberate The Power, Wisdom And Love Held Within The Spaces Of Your Body.

It is within the discomfort where the cure resides, and growth occurs.

Curiosity is the search for the cure. It is rich with inquiry, love, patience, forgiveness. These are the vital nourishments for the Sprit and Soul to emerge and take form. Use compassionate curiosity as you navigate into the deeper recesses of the body to uncover the cure to beliefs, events, experiences that under-nourish the beauty within you.

Is there restriction in your movement? Malnourishment in your mind? In your emotions? In your body? Are your beliefs feeding you – or malnourishing & restricting you? Nutrient deficiency leads to crisis and disease. This applies to body AND mind- combined. The key to the health of all of these lies in wait in the space of our body. To liberate the body, we must also liberate the limiting beliefs that become trapped in the tissue.

In the first two weeks, you are guided to interact with your chakras in a very physical way.

In those two first weeks you will gain insight into the importance of these chakras for your overall health, vitality, and memory.

In the following 4 weeks you will be guided to use the knowledge base of the first two sessions to:

• Unhinge your hips and SI Joints.

• Create fluid open space between your vertebra.

• Mobilize and use the power of your pelvic floor.

• Mobilize the integral strength locked in your feet.

• Discover the various things in your daily life that can cause chaos and restriction & begin to reverse the damage they have been doing.

• Learn very unique ways to move the tissue around and within your skull.

January 14 to February 18, 2023
Sundays for 6 weeks
10 am
60-75 minutes


Carly has been working with the human form for 12 years – specializing in fascial mobilization and spiritual integration of the body.

Carly’s journey has catapulted from her work as an orthopedic massage therapist with a passion and appreciation for the most abundant connective tissue in the body: fascia.

An autodidact, Carly has acquired skills through hours (and miles!) dedicated to understanding fascial mobilization, joint positioning, breathing pattern dysfunction, gait patterning, and the sensory system. Carly’s brick and mortar practice thrived in Lexington Massachusetts for 8 years before closing her doors due to the worldwide events beginning in 2019.

Her spiritual journey began in 2000 when the study of yoga helped her find a path to accessing deeper knowledge of Self and Humanity, as well as how to heal from scars of the body, and scars of the heart. As her massage practice grew and she began experiencing profound energetic healing coursing through her hands, she felt a responsibility to heal herself and to better understand what was happening.

This took her on travels deep into to the Amazon where she worked for several years with authentic Shipibo Shamans and guides. Working with plant medicine ceremonies and diets enhanced Carly’s ability to ‘see’ within the body. Over time (and work!) she came to understand the importance of developing a relationship with the Governing Elemental body that makes up the human form. This is now an important component of her work.

With a deepening relationship with her heavy hitting Etheric Guidance and Spiritual Alchemical teachings of the ages, Carly continues to grow and hone her unique skillset, always adding to the toolbox. She absolutely loves guiding clients through a truly transformational process, accessing their inherent intelligence, understanding their body, and connecting deeply with their Highest Consciousness to such a degree that they learn how to Soul Embody!

Carly’s Life Purpose is to Assist All Willing Hearts in Obtaining Liberation from Anything that is Not the Truth of Their Being. She welcomes work with individuals who are dedicated in their healing, liberating their body, and uncovering their purpose.