Kundalini Yoga and Gong Sound Healing

with Certified Yoga Instructor Nancy Quevillon or Howard Rosenberg

• Come get your life energy, aka Kundalini, flowing vibrantly through your body through a powerful sequence of breath, postures, mantra and meditation. Each session culminates with a profoundly healing gong sound bath. Feel alive and clearheaded as you balance your nervous system and oxygenate your blood. No experience necessary. Participants are thrilled with depth of the peacefulness they experience.

“Went to a wonderful sound meditation event the other night at the Anahata Schoolhouse. Beautiful sounds of the Gong and Crystal Bowls. It’s a wonderful space and I’m glad that Howard has invested in it. It’s a great addition to the town!”
K. C.

“During a sound bath at Anahata, we start with a couple gentle movements to open the body to relaxation, and then we lay down with a blanket and pillow and listen to the sounds of the singing bowls and Gong. For me, it’s as if the sound is “washing” away my thoughts and I enter a meditative peaceful state. The sound is vibrational, and you can feel it in your body in different places. Great for releasing stagnant energy. But that’s just me! You’ll have to come see for yourself.”
L. Z.


Howard Rosenberg is a Certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, life coach and gong master.  He studied with Tej Khalsa and Harijiwan Khalsa. and is certified by the Kundalini Research Institute. In Kundalini Yoga, the yoga of awareness, Howard found a powerful technology to raise human consciousness.  He receives great satisfaction from witnessing the transformation of students as they immerse themselves in this sacred practice. His classes are noted for the healing sound baths provided by the vibratory power of the gong. In his life coaching work, he helps people clear the cobwebs of their life so they can live the life they desire.
Nancy Quevillon Kundalini Yoga Instructor


Dr Nancy Q started taking Kundalini Yoga classes in 2015. What she experienced after those initial classes was a heart opening, expansive blissful feeling. She was soon hooked with the powerful teachings of this transformative practice. She knew shortly thereafter that she wanted to dive deeper into these practices and become a teacher and share these teachings with others. Dr Nancy has a gentle way of leading and supporting students into their own experience of connecting to their true selves through yoga poses, meditation and chanting. Dr Nancy often refers to the teachings of Kundalini as having changed her life deeply into a more peaceful, connected and heart centered way of being in the world.


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